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I have talked to many people who go to see their doctors about headaches only to receive a pat on the back that nothing is wrong and they should just take some ibuprofen. I saw a patient who came into the clinic after dealing with migraines for 8 years. I could tell she was skeptical about how physical therapy could work for a pain she had behind both eyes. After examining the patient, we discover a muscle group called the sub occipital muscles at the base of her skull were very reactive. Take a look at the picture I have posted. This is an example of the upper trap which also has a similar but different referral pattern.
The block dots in the picture represent trigger points.  Trigger points are an area of the muscle that is hyper excited.  If you feel a knot in the muscle that is painful to pressure, this is considered an active trigger point
Trigger points occur due to biomechanical faults developed by an individual.
At Topflight Physical Therapy, we focus on correcting the biomechanics faults.  The trigger points can be initially address through dry needling and then corrected using redcord neuromuscular activation techniques.  Many areas on the side, front and back of the neck can cause headaches. Relax the neck, Retrain the neck, and Return to a headache-free lifestyle.


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