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Will insurance cover my physical therapy session?

Physical therapist services are typically covered by health insurance, as long as the appropriate diagnosis and treatment codes and provider information is provided. Wellness and preventative services are not typically covered by health insurance. In some instances, employers may reimburse you for wellness services.

Over the years, there has been an increase in health insurance restrictions and a decrease in reimbursement to providers, which is usually why typical therapy clinics have to see 3-5 patients/hour. In order to provide you with the optimum care that you deserve, I do not accept all insurance plans. I have contracted in-network with plans that allow me to give my sole attention to a patient. I strive for quality rather than quantity. Please call to check if your insurance plan is in-network.

Depending on your health insurance plan, your insurer will pay 60-90% of the charges once your deductible has been met. Every health plan is different, so, as an educated consumer, I would advise you to check your individual health insurance benefits either online or by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

I do have self pay options which can be cheaper in the long run depending on your specific plan.
We can then discuss which pricing option will work best for you.


Who will file my insurance claims?

Topflight Physical Therapy will file the insurance claims for you.  We call and check your benefits but as stated by your own insurance company, the benefits are not guaranteed until the claims are filed and reviewed in accordance with your plan by your insurance company.

After the claims are filed, the insurance company will respond.  Depending on this response, the patient will be billed the amount in which they are responsible based on the explanation of benefits.  Topflight makes every effort to ensure the patient knows their benefits up front as a courtesy to the patient.  Ultimately, patients are responsible for their insurance plans and coverage.


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