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Neuromuscular Therapy Indianapolis

Topflight physical therapy has a redcord treatment area at the clinic. Redcord is a treatment technique that was developed in Norway. Redcord focuses on neuromuscular activation to increase an individuals movement and function while reducing pain, if pain is present. 


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Is Redcord good for me?
If you ever say:
1. I always feel tight even though I stretch all the time.
2. I can perform an activity like washing the dishes but get fatigued in my back.
3. My back feels unstable.
4. I have shoulder pain for no reason when I try to play sports.
5. I was sick and had a lot of deconditioning.
6. I had traditional physical therapy before and it doesn’t work.
7. I need core strength.
8. I always feel hip pain.
9. I have poor balance.
10.I have migraines.

Then, Redcord may  be just the answer you are looking for.

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