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Proteus® Motion’s patented technology is the only way to measure strength and power for 100% of human movements for the first time ever.  The technology adapts on the fly in order to maintain the consistency of applied resistance in the appropriate direction.  Proteus can be utilized as a testing tool but also a training tool.  A training clinician or trainer can analyze the power reports and insights to develop a specific performance plan for each patient or athlete.

Why 3D? Learn about Proteus!

What does Proteus assess?

Proteus can be used to assess power and acceleration throughout the whole body.  Click Here for a sample power report.  The report can be displayed in multiple different ways based on the filters that are set within the software.  As Proteus becomes more mainstream, more data points will be collected allowing for standards of power and acceleration will be set for a given sport, age, and gender.

What athletes benefit the most from Proteus? 

Rotational athletes will feel an obvious connection to the device.  As a trained clinician, Proteus can be used to assess weak link region of the body to through the myofascial chain.  If caught on a screen, before injury has occurred, an athlete can be proactive in helping their body move more efficiently.  This device is used on professional athletes, amateur athletes, pediatric athletes, weekend warriors, and just normal return to function humans.

How does 3D Resistance work? 

3D Resistance™ mirrors every movement to provide constant resistance no matter what direction you move. But unless you are moving in a straight line, it is impossible for resistance from cable machines and free weights to stay constant throughout an entire movement.

How often should an athlete get tested?

We recommend that an athlete run a test every 2-4 depending on their specific program.  The test, itself, will feel like a workout.  The proteus device can be used as a training tool as well.  A training program will combine multiple other tools to helping improve overall performance where it be power, acceleration, or both.